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Drive Hairfully
Never crash your car looking like $#!+ again!
Drive Hairfully's Owners

This is an animated gif. I used  to create it. Before uploading my pictures to this site I resized them all to be 100 x 100 pixels. It was fast and fun to create however, I would never put an animation like this on a serious website. It is incredibly distracting and cheesy. 
Below are the original jpegs.
I chose these images because they look like they could pass as hairstylist's  professional profile pictures. We have the child stylist, the country stylist and the artsy city stylist. 

Again I chose images that related to hair. These are a few treatment options Drive Hairfully  offers. From left to right, The Deep Gogurt Rinse, The Tuff Fluff, The Princess Hairwrap, and The Flower Fairy.
For a full list of treatment options please drive up and see our menu.
I made the slideshow below using I found this site to be the most user friendly. I was especially pleased to have immediate access to the HTML code after making the slideshow. The whole process took only minutes and I love the results.