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Week 10 in business and we're talking screencasts. What a great way to show other people how to do something awesome on the computer. People can watch you demonstrating on your computer while looking at their monitor. The lesson can be paused, giving the audience a chance to try or catch up with you. Viewers also have the option to replay the screencast. Screencasts are convenient for both the teacher and student. Less repeating for the teacher, more learning for the student. Gotta love it! 

Here is what I had to say about the process of making my own screencast.
   So, after many attempts using Jing, I grew rather frustrated and wound up making the most obnoxious video ever! Actually I made lots of them. This first video is me using Photoshop to apply a filter to a photo. Bare with me as I get into character.

   I found the program (Jing) relatively easy to use, however I had a really tough time saying what I needed to say. I felt so at ease while talking about what I was doing that I wound up getting way off topic and not just once.

   Screencasts are a great way to teach. I would use them to make tutorials for just about any program. I also liked the practice run with sending the map to our friend so that he could meet us at the restaurant.

Here is another screencast, even more annoying than the first!